Wisdom Sabrina Low

Country President, Malaysia

Having spent 15 years in Oilgas Media Services, Sabrina Low is best known for her Public Relations and Client Management skills. Often described as a charismatic communicator with a magnetic personality, her track record of over 20 years in spearheading new market expansions has allowed her to build professional networks across the globe. Through her understanding of business and strategy development and her expertise in marketing, Sabrina retains her position of Strategic Partner of the Business Summit since 2017.

Sabrina's compassion knows no bounds as she regularly spends her time serving as a Malaysian women representative of the Global Peace Foundation as well as having served as the President of the Kiwanis Club of Pandan Jaya during the years of 2018-2019. Sabrina extends her reach to aid others and inspire greater communal change. Whether it be developing strategies or connecting the right individuals to achieve the collective goal, Sabrina is able to extend her influence to surpass expectations. 

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