About Us

Steering women empowerment and entrepreneurship, ABWCI strives to provide an enabling and nurturing platform for women in business, promoting sustainable development.

Association of Business Women in Commerce & Industry (ABWCI) is a Virtual Global Chamber of Commerce for Women. Its membership spans across some of the most prominent Women entrepreneurs, Women organisations, Educational institutions, and Companies investing in Women.

Economies characterized by high levels of entrepreneurial activity are more resilient to financial crisis and experience economic slowdowns less frequently. Women entrepreneurship is a crucial part of future economic growth and employment generation. Women have excelled in making big gains and contributions to job growth and the global economy. Women business-owners typically face constraints such as lack of funds, regulatory bottlenecks, lack of entrepreneurial education at school levels, and many other demographic, social, & cultural issues.

ABWCI aims to understand the needs of the future in the context of women entrepreneurship, be responsive to the challenges faced by women business-owners, and assist business-women in the global economy to benefit from to the opportunities that present themselves.



Recognize and identify potential women in business capable of supplying goods and services with the highest quality standards via a selective registration process to match buyers and sellers.

We identify opportunities to leverage local and global markets by bucketing of businesses based on region, product/service, target demographic, current status and building a high-yielding global network.



Guide women in business with open enrolment training programs like guru talks with subject matter experts, master classes, assessment and certification.

We target skill and competence enhancement with the help of customized enterprise training and transformation initiatives. We inform members of potential market opportunities as well.


The networking and partnerships help business development and growth. With our mentoring, strategic communications and a wide spectrum of conferences, seminars, big vision workshops, experience sharing and storytelling sessions, the women entrepreneurs can build a high-yielding nexus for their businesses.

We create virtual market spaces for buyer-seller interactions leading to cost-effectiveness and bridging the demand-supply gap on a single platform. Furthermore, we provide policy advocacy and exchange programs between countries.



Guide women in business with the help of webinars, policy dialogues, and leader/stakeholder round tables mentoring support.

We provide current state and need assessment to bridge the gaps by helping women entrepreneurs run a more efficient business and help publish surveys, reports and whitepapers thereon.

We assist women entrepreneurs in growing their businesses with our customized solutions.

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