About Us

Who We Are

The Association of Business Women in Commerce & Industry (ABWCI) is a global chamber for women in business.

We are a membership-based network, connecting women across diverse sectors.


Empowering women in business through a supportive ecosystem, fostering equity, and inclusive prosperity for a thriving society.

We want women to be wealth creators and not job seekers.


To empower, engage and educate women in business, while advocating for policies that foster a collaborative ecosystem globally.

Business and Trade Facilitation

To facilitate trade opportunities for women in business both locally and internationally.


To provide women in business with the resources to excel in their entrepreneurial endeavours.


To establish and nurture a robust global network that facilitates collaboration, knowledge sharing, and mentorship among women across diverse sectors.


To advocate for policies and practices that promote women’s economic participation and inclusion in businesses.

Skill Development

To offer educational programs, training workshops, and skill development initiatives that enhance the capabilities and competencies of women in commerce and industry.

Measuring Impact

To regularly assess and measure our progress towards achieving our mission and vision, ensuring accountability and continuous improvement.

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