Global Ambassadors

Odino Faccia

Global Ambassador

Odino Faccia is an Italian-Argentine singer whose mission is to spread the values of peace around the world through his concerts. Odino developed his artistic career that aimed to generate social change through music. He received the award "Voice for Peace in the World” from the hands of Adolfo Pérez Esquivel. He is known for his contribution to the dissemination of humanitarian causes, along with the title Honoris Causa of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, Italy.

Odino's inclination for socio-cultural endeavours that aim to alter people's perceptions via ideals inspired him to start "The Voice For Peace Foundation," which is comprised of humanitarians and people from all cultures and nations. He presides the foundation.

Odino has been working relentlessly for 20 years, promoting the importance of awareness through music, traveling through different cultures, strengthening the value of coexistence, social inclusion and equity, being identified as a global benchmark by Peace and values in the world, restructuring armed consciences, ensuring the union of people. His history, his journey and permanence made Odino, through the Gorbachev Foundation of Italy, an Official Candidate for the 2023 Nobel Peace Prize, being the first Italian-Argentine singer in history to achieve that candidacy and the only singer in the world currently for the 2023 bid.

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