Aneta Szulc

Country President, Poland

Aneta Szulc is an accomplished professional with a robust track record in the logistics and supply chain industry. Currently serving as the Managing Partner of Independent Logistics, Aneta is responsible for the overall strategic planning, operations, and business development of a globally recognized ocean logistics company.

Throughout her career, Aneta has consistently demonstrated expertise in key areas such as sales, negotiation, and international transportation. Leveraging her comprehensive understanding of the logistics landscape, she has forged valuable partnerships with both partners and clients, solidifying the company's reputation as a trusted industry leader.

Beyond her immediate responsibilities, Aneta's professional interests extend to empowering women in the maritime trade and supply chain management industry. Actively seeking opportunities to support and uplift women in business, she passionately believes in the importance of diversity and equal representation for success in any industry. Committed to breaking down barriers and challenging the status quo, Aneta participates in various mentorship programs and networking events to empower and advance women in the logistics and supply chain sector. She advocates for equal opportunities, equal pay, and a more inclusive and equitable business environment that recognizes and amplifies the unique perspectives and talents that women bring to leadership roles.

In conclusion, Aneta Szulc is a results-driven and visionary professional dedicated to excelling in the logistics, trade, and supply chain industry. Building on her extensive experience and expertise, she strives to make a lasting impact by continuously improving operations and delivering unparalleled value to clients. Additionally, Aneta is equally passionate about promoting gender diversity in the business world. By championing women's voices and advocating for equal opportunities, she aims to create a more inclusive and supportive environment where women can thrive and succeed. Together, with a commitment to excellence and women empowerment, Aneta envisions a future where women in business play a pivotal role in driving industry-wide success and innovation.

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