Camelia Yaacob

Country President, Malaysia

Camelia Yaacob has two decades of operational and management expertise under her belt. She is a self-made successful serial-entrepreneur who has developed a sharp eye for how businesses and organizations can get plugged with low returns due to business decision inefficiencies and lack of desire to invest or learn marketing.

For that very reason, she embarked and researched different means of marketing tools to help biz owners & entrepreneurs to market their products.

She founded Rootwommers Sdn Bhd in 2011 to help business owners accelerate in marketing their products professionally by using a specially designed original system in Word-of-Mouth Marketing. This system can be used globally in every level of business segment. The referrals generated from here are qualified and generates business income for many entrepreneurs. 

To date, Camelia is a highly skilled consultant and trainer in professional Word of Mouth Marketing, qualified referrals and Business Networking Strategies. Camelia combines 35 years serial entrepreneurial experience driven by a commitment to develop business owners and entrepreneurs to be more competitive, independent, innovative and marketable.  

She has numerous experiences in training high profile corporates and coaching entrepreneurs and start-ups in various areas of business initiatives and growth.

She was an appointed speaker for foreign exhibitors and delegates for four years with World Islamic Economic Forum Foundation

She is launching online modules in Word-of-Mouth Marketing and qualified referrals internationally so that more business owners can get access to marketing knowledge and build their businesses independently.

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