Chayaa Nanjappa Rajappa

Country President, India & State President, Karnataka

Ms. Chayaa Nanjappa, an award-winning, first-generation rural woman entrepreneur, is an experienced leader who specializes in food processing and the production of natural agro-based products.

Her enterprise, a Khadi and Village Board-backed women entrepreneurial enterprise, has been instrumental in empowering the tribal people and small farmers in the country. Her understanding of agriculture, food processing, and marketing has resulted in a successful amalgamation of farmer producers, the food industry, and consumers. Her deep understanding of the supply chain and allied sciences has helped her build an internationally reputed brand. As a result, Nectar Fresh is currently one of the primary buyers of tribal honey from the country.

Her contributions to the industry are immense. Under her mentorship and guidance, today, Nectar Fresh is the most preferred brand in India’s upscale market. From big hospitality chains to high-end retailers to Ayurveda and pharmaceutical giants, all procure agro-products from Nectar Fresh.

Intending to support small farmers from across the country, her company is creating a synergy between nature, farmers, and several under-educated rural populations and the food industry. As a result, the brand is able to produce and source high-quality processed food products in the market.

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