Ekaterine Maisuradze

Country President, Georgia

An ex-physician and the Founder of multiple global educational and business organizations, Ekaterine Maisuradze is a visionary leader and an inspiration for many women. Currently, she is Director and President of Global Educational Institute and Union of Business Ladies. Additionally, Mrs. Maisuradze is the Founder & Chairperson of Georgia and Asia-Africa Chamber of Commerce (GAACC). She also holds a prestigious position as a Global Advisor at the Global Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Mrs. Maisuradze has 21-articles accredited to her name in various newspapers and Journals, read worldwide. She has been invited to give media appearances in Forbes Georgia, Global Woman Magazine, Business Media Georgia, Diplomat Georgia, and JAKO FM Georgia, which are testament to her success as a women entrepreneur and leader.

"A true leader never stops to learn." She is a prime example of this statement, as even after achieving so much on a global scale, she is keen on growing more as a business administrator. She is pursuing a Ph.D. in Studies in Business Administration at Tbilisi Technical University while she manages work at various organizations that she founded and is currently heading. Also, a member of the Dubai Business Women Association, Mrs. Maisuradze has attended many coaching and training programs, gaining critical insights into how women can participate and contribute to the business world and global trade.

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