Hajah Zainab binti Haji Ali

Country President, Brunei Darussalam

Hajah Zainab binti Haji Ali is the Director of Economy Stream Area for the Regional Business Development Center (RBDC) Sdn. Bhd., a company that fosters the economy, digital and triangle streams of the Malinau (Indonesia) Lawas (Malaysia) and Temburong (Brunei) - MALATE Triangle and beyond.

Leading the Economy stream, Hajah Zainab works with a pool of experts and consultants committed to grow and protect the agriculture and agri-food sectors of the MALATE Triangle (located in Borneo Island) by capitalizing on growing demand on Halal food supply chain while safeguarding the triangles’ precious natural resources. The economic stream is significant in collaborating with agri-food industries and businesses to develop and comply with regulations that ensure the production of Halal certified food products as well as world-class high quality, safe and healthy food from the MALATE triangle for Brunei Darussalam and beyond.

She is also the Country Director for the BIMP-EAGA Business Council (Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines East ASEAN Growth Area), an initiative established in 1994 to spur development in remote and less developed areas in the four Southeast Asian countries and generate balanced and inclusive growth as well as contribute to the regional economic integration in the ASEAN Economic Community in the areas of trade, tourism and investments.

Hajah Zainab is also an Executive Member of Women’s Business Council (WBC) of Brunei Darussalam, an active organization of women entrepreneurs in Brunei Darussalam since 2000 and has forged partnerships with government and private sectors in the development and progress of women entrepreneurship in the country. WBC is a member and the country focal point of the ASEAN Women Entrepreneurs Network, a regional network that supports and promotes the economic empowerment of women entrepreneurs in the ASEAN member countries. Additionally, Hajah Zainab is the Chairwoman of PERIHATIN Foundation which focuses on the social impact activities to support the less fortunate people in Brunei. She is also the Executive member in Project Women Society which specialize the Indigenous Women by sharing ideas in building and growing a sustainable business by using their traditional skills and knowledge. Moreover, she is currently still active in holding positions at National Organizing Committee (NOC) / ASEAN Civil Society Conference (ACSC) and ASEAN People Forum (APF).

Hajah Zainab has spent years running her own businesses from Boutiques, Tailoring, Supermarkets and Spa. She studied Spa Business Management from Raffles College in Singapore and graduated Interior Design from East Surrey College, United Kingdom as well as being certified in culinary skills from Highbury College, United Kingdom. She is also a director of several private companies in Brunei Darussalam and Indonesia.

She began her career as Assistant Manager of Mitsui Corporation in Singapore and worked in Brunei Darussalam and United Kingdom as Information Provider under Human Resource Representative of World Wide Workers, an oil and gas manpower services company in supplying the manpower needs for Brunei Shell Petroleum, Petronas Malaysia and Saudi Aramco.

She was appointed as a Lady Captain of Panaga Golf Club and Honorary Secretary of Brunei Darussalam Ladies Golf Association under the umbrella of Brunei Darussalam Golf Association. She is also actively involved in a variety of charities such as under Pusat Ehsan Al-Ameerah Al-Hajjah Mariam, a non-governmental Organization (NGO) that takes care of the welfare of individuals with special needs in the country.

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