Lilian Ong

Country President, Singapore

As a Courage Coach, who has personally overcome many challenges in her life, including depression & suicidal thoughts, Lilian has found her calling, to inspire & empower women to breakthrough and get unstuck from their Fears, Self-doubt & Limiting Beliefs so that they can experience breakthroughs and live a Courageous, Purpose-driven life.

The women she coached are stepping out of their comfort zones, showing up with Courage, Authenticity & Strength; they’re gaining self-confidence & clarity to create the change they want to see in their personal & professional lives such as their Relationships, Health, Career or Business.

Lilian has touched & impacted thousands of lives through her Courage Coaching, Community Building and Sharing her Stories of Courage locally & overseas. 

She has spoken at various social community groups, organizations, Institutions & events such as the Women Business Day at Asia’s largest Online Marketing Success Conference in Hanoi, Vietnam, Singapore Female Festival 2018, Facebook Singapore, SATS Ltd, Qatar Airways, 3M Innovation, Lantro, ECU Worldwide, Havi GLobal,  NBC Universal Singapore, Sunrider Singapore, NUS Entrepreneurship Society, Social Oven 2019, ITE Central, ITE College East, Nanyang Polytechnic, SOTA, PSG, PSB Academy & SMU Women Connection just to name a few.

She also volunteers in humanitarian & social work projects around the region, including the local female Juvenile Institutions and the Women’s Prison.

She went from a stay-at-home mother who was confused & loss of self-Identity to an entrepreneur who rebuilt her confidence as a Real Estate Consultant, built a furnishing business from scratch & exited successfully after 10 years. From struggling with Body Image & Health issues to taking ownership & responsibility to put her Heath back in order. In that process, she shed 10kg & 16cm off her waistline & ran 2 Half Marathon at the age of 44.

Today, Lilian, together with her team, is on a mission to create highly tailored transformational personal & leadership development programs through her social enterprise, Class Living, so that every woman is equipped with tools & strategies to succeed in their personal lives, as well as their businesses.

Career Highlights

  1. Social Entrepreneur I Community Builder I Courage Coach I Author & Transformational Speaker
  2. Founder of Class Living, Her Courage Biz Network, Women of Courage Asia and Connecting Mothers SG
  3. Speaker | Coach | Trainer of Maxwell Leadership Certified Team
  4. Accredited Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Timeline-Therapy Coach
  5. Author of “Women of Courage, Breaking the Fear Barrier” and “Voices of Courage”
  6. BSc.Hons in Real Estate Management, Oxford Brookes University
  7. Accredited Enneagram Coach
  8. International Coach Federation (ICF) Certified Coach

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