Ngozi Oyewole

Regional President, Africa

Mrs. Ngozi Oyewole is a distinguished entrepreneur, advocate, and leader dedicated to empowering women and driving positive change in Africa. With over two decades of experience, she has established herself as a trailblazer in various sectors, particularly in business, mentorship, and philanthropy.

Mrs. Oyewole is the President of Commonwealth Business Women Africa (CBW-Africa). She also holds the position of Regional President, Africa for the Association of Business Women in Commerce & Industry.

Additionally, she serves as the Regional President of West Africa for the African Women’s Movement (AWM). AWM is a community of dynamic and leading women representing various sectors in Africa and the diaspora. Their objective is to promote equal opportunity and greater representation of women in decision-making and industry-leading spaces, as well as lobbying for the collective interests of members to influence any legislative or administrative action in pursuit of economic justice for women.

Mrs. Oyewole is the Global Patron and Country Director of the Nigeria Chapter for Pivoting in Heels global. Pivoting in Heels is an African platform that profiles leading women both in Africa and the diaspora, then compiles them in a coffee table book per country, with the Lady running the state house writing the foreword.

As the Founder and President of Noxie Limited, Mrs. Oyewole has built a successful enterprise specializing in Furniture Production and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Her commitment to quality, innovation, and service excellence has propelled Noxie Limited to prominence within the industry. Additionally, she has leveraged her expertise in integrated safety equipment and services to cater to the Energy and Gas sector, further demonstrating her versatility and entrepreneurial acumen.

Educated in Business Administration and certified as an Interior Designer, Mrs. Oyewole combines her academic background with practical experience to drive business growth and sustainability. Her tenure at the SAID Business School, University of Oxford, UK, reflects her dedication to continuous learning and professional development.

A passionate advocate for women's inclusion and youth empowerment, Mrs. Oyewole actively engages in mentorship programs and advocacy initiatives aimed at fostering leadership and entrepreneurship among women and young people. Through her various roles and affiliations, including the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and the Commonwealth Business Women Africa, she tirelessly champions the cause of gender equality and economic justice.

As the President of Commonwealth Business Women Africa (CBW-Africa), Mrs. Oyewole leads efforts to unite, educate, and inspire African women in leadership and entrepreneurship. Under her visionary leadership, CBW-Africa provides invaluable resources, training, and networking opportunities to women across the continent, empowering them to achieve success in all aspects of their lives.

In addition to her professional achievements, Mrs. Oyewole is a dedicated philanthropist and community leader. Through initiatives such as the Beatrice Chiebonam Foundation, she provides financial aid and empowerment programs to widows and young women, making a tangible difference in their lives.

Mrs. Ngozi Oyewole's exemplary leadership, tireless advocacy, and commitment to excellence make her a beacon of inspiration for women across Africa and beyond. Through her unwavering dedication to promoting women's empowerment and driving positive change, she continues to leave a lasting impact on society and future generations.

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