Oksana Kosenko-Schevchenko

Country President, Ukraine

Oksana Kosenko-Schevchenko is a 30-year-old entrepreneur from Kharkov, Ukraine. She has a bachelor’s degree in Economy Management and a master’s degree in Consulting, Business Development & IT. Oksana graduated from Confucius University in Chinese language. Several psychological courses and programs as well as courses in Italian, French, Spanish, Czech, and German.

Running many businesses worldwide, Oksana owns companies in Hungary, Czech Republic, UK, and she is soon opening a business in Switzerland as well. She has a wide range of experience in dealing with CEOs, Co-founders, Venture Funds, Banks, etc.

Oksana works in the spheres of Marketing, IT Development, Blockchain, Real Estate, and Medicine. One of her key business areas is application development for easy communication between businesspeople. She has developed 110 apps for Business, Psychology & Sports.

She is running worldwide projects for high-tech restaurants, smart apartments, hotels with historical items, luxury apartments & villas.

She believes that cooperation between the right people and organizations with common vision can bring great results. Her strategy is Win – Win for both sides.

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