Remmie Male

Country President, Uganda

Remmie Male is an author of Gangos, a multi-talented serial entrepreneur in the fields of; writing, business incubation, mentorship training, motivational speaking, and executive coaching. She is the founder and executive director of Women of Valor Foundation plus Jamboree et Rendezvous, as well as the Vision Bearer of Beauty For Ashes and Tender Warriors Ministries.

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Makerere University, Remmie has utilized her expertise to become an entrepreneur and her first entry to the labour market was as the founder of Jamboree et Rendezvous, an events management and PR firm. Through this venture, she has been involved in projects involving fundraising, profile raising, and community empowerment of her client’s companies, with a focus on economic empowerment, harmony, prosperity, and general well-being of the people in her community.

She is the Continental Executive Secretary of Commonwealth Business Women Africa.

She is a Co-Founder and Global Executive Secretary Pivoting in heels, as well as the Country Director for Pivoting in heels Uganda Chapter. Pivoting in heels an African women empowerment platform whose core program is to profile leading women both in Africa plus the diaspora then compiles them in a coffee table book per country with the Lady running state house writing the foreword.

She is currently the Uganda Country President of the Association of Business Women in Commerce and Industry.

As the proprietor of Women of Valor Foundation, Remmie is dedicated to economically empowering women and youth through mentorship, executive coaching, business training, and entrepreneurship training. Her foundation has made a significant impact on individuals and communities, providing the necessary tools and guidance for them to thrive.

In addition to her entrepreneurial endeavors, Remmie is also an author. Her book, Gango, delves into the power of networks and how they impact our net worth. It also provides valuable advice and inspiration from powerful women worldwide, sharing their tips and philosophies on succeeding in business.

Remmie's contributions have been recognized internationally. She was honored as one of the 60 global community leaders for 2011 by the State Department under the Irex Community Solutions program. She also received recognition from the Vital Voices Global Women's program as a VV Lead alumna for 2015, awarded by Hillary Clinton's foundation. Additionally, she was nominated for the Desmond Tutu Award in 2010.

As the Continental Executive Secretary for Commonwealth Business Women Africa, then Global executive Secretary Pivoting in Heels global and country Director for Pivoting in Heels Uganda, Remmie plays a crucial role in promoting women's empowerment and advancement in these regions.

Remmie has successfully organized Dominion in the Marketplace seminars all around the world, empowering church members with employable skills needed to excel in the marketplace. These seminars incorporate biblical principles and provide training in branding, marketing, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and personal leadership skills.

Furthermore, Remmie is involved in organizing the Vital Voices Global Women's Mentoring Walks, advocating for media literacy and addressing community issues through television talk shows and online platforms.

With her diverse skill set and passion for empowering individuals and communities, Remmie Male continues to make a significant impact in various sectors. Through her foundations, business ventures, and public engagements, she is committed to creating a better, more empowered society for all.

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