Rina Sunder

Country President, Norway

Rina Sunder is an investor and regular commentator and speaker on India, the rise of Asia, innovation, sustainability and global trends in leading Norwegian media and academia.

She has worn many hats in her career: student leader, speaker, marketer, investor, chair, strategist, commentator, author, and entrepreneur. As a result, she can easily adapt to new disciplinaries, cultures and business sectors. Rina believes in making the most out of life, and hence takes pride in making an impact. Whether it is repositioning, lobbying or to be a part of setting the agenda. 

Sunder has worked at Geelmuyden.Kiese, PGS, and was owner of Singapore-based investment company, Tigris Capital. From 2011 to 2015, she was a speaker for all India conferences in Norway. She was also the Chair for Norway India Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NICCI).

In 2017, Sunder logged off from the world and started writing the text book Det Moderne India. The book Det Moderne India is aimed at students and business leaders and consists of 11 business cases. It has been highly appreciated by the business community in Norway.

During Covid-19, Sunder founded the NGO Det Moderne India (DMI). The association is a business-driven climate initiative where the sustainability goals and diversity, equity and inclusion are the frameworks of all the activities. It has the aim to challenge and stimulate debate and build a bridge between Norwegian and Indian intellectual and business environments.

DMI also has a podcast that has trended in Norway several times, the highest being #1 and #2 in Norway within the non-profit sector.

Being bilingual and having lived in Norway, France, Australia, and Singapore, means that adapting to new challenges and cultures comes naturally to Rina.

Sunder has a master’s degree from Norway Business School and a master’s degree from Copenhagen Business School.

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