Global Secretariat

Bhavya Singh

Coordinator - Public Affairs

Bhavya is a public policy and governance professional with a keen interest in conducting research, analysis and stakeholder management. She has a strong background in public policy and governance, having received specialized training in these fields.

She has gained significant experience in her field, having spent 2 years conducting research and data analysis to support advocacy efforts. Her work has involved engaging with a variety of stakeholders, including policymakers, civil society organizations, and the general public.

Bhavya's research has focused on women's issues in a variety of domains. Specifically, she has conducted research on women's roles in agriculture, the economy and livelihoods, and culture. Her work in these areas has shed light on the challenges facing women and helped to identify potential policy solutions to address these challenges. Overall, Bhavya is a committed and accomplished professional who is dedicated to advancing public policy and improving the lives of women.

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