Global Secretariat

Joost W. van Odijk

Regional Representative - Europe

Joost W. van Odijk has 30+ years of experience in the commercial, social, and not-for-profit sectors across 22 countries combining strategic leadership with an entrepreneurial mindset. He is a Partner at Thinkthrough Consulting Pvt. Ltd. in Europe.

He specializes in Entrepreneurship development and Partnerships for Public-Private initiatives, FMCG companies, Venture capital firms, eCommerce, and Retail environments.

Wearing several hats, Joost has held different leadership positions at Unilever, PepsiCo, Burger King and Sbarro as well as not-for-profit organisations like eFresh India, Grow Africa Initiative, and the African Fertilizer Agribusiness Partnership. He co-founded and supported multiple start-ups in technology, beverages, trade, agritech, business services and health.

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