Beth Hendricks

State President, Idaho

Beth Hendricks is an accomplished educator and the Owner of Full House Productions LLC. She graduated from Ricks College and continued her education at Brigham Young University. She earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Idaho State University.

Throughout her career, she served as a faculty member at the College of Eastern Idaho and BYU-Idaho's College of Business and Communication, teaching a range of subjects including advertising, marketing, and public relations. In addition to her teaching roles, Beth worked as a consultant on various projects and served as an advisor for the Delta Epsilon Chi organization.

Beth's passion for education extends to online platforms, where she offers a comprehensive course covering marketing, advertising, market research, motivation theories, and analytics. Known for her expertise and engaging speaking style, she continues to share her knowledge and experiences as a sought-after speaker at various events and platforms.

Beth is a proud Idaho native and a mother to three accomplished sons. She and her husband also serve as consultants, helping organizations and communities secure funding for economic development initiatives.

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