Surya Dinkar

State President, Tamil Nadu & Puducherry

Ms Surya Dinkar, born and raised in Chennai, was a young prodigy, who represented India as a peace emissary at the World Miss University contest in 2004 when she was merely 19 years old. The contest is affiliated with the UN. She then went on to become an advocate for wildlife and environmental conservation, while pursuing a career in television, radio, and photography. As a public figure, Ms Dinkar is at the forefront of raising awareness on sustainable living. She conducts workshops for schools and corporate events about the importance of environmentally-conscious practices. A certified international yoga instructor, she started her own company ‘Earthworks Innovative’ in 2017 after her work in the international markets. Focused on women empowerment, the company addresses environmental issues through sustainable practices by encouraging tribal artisans. It is a wholesale supplier of customised cloth/jute bags and other eco-friendly alternatives, to commonly disposed plastic items. Women-run units from across the country are the primary suppliers of finished goods. By now Earthworks Innovative has supplied over a million bags to clients pan India and the EU and boasts of a big clientele including MNCs, government organisations & NGOs.

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