Success Stories

Aparna Mishra

Founder, Women Shine

A serial entrepreneur and business coach, Aparna Mishra is the state president of Uttar Pradesh, ABWCI. She believes in leading by example. Mishra is also the Founder-editor of Women Shine and a mentor for start-ups and entrepreneurs. Through her work, she has been a great support, a guide, and an advisor to several women entrepreneurs and start-ups.

An early generation business person, she is credited to have started several businesses in the past. Throughout her professional journey, she has raised the bar against all impediments.

n her own words, “The road of entrepreneurship is full of ups and downs. But if you can keep a positive mindset during all lows in your life, only then you can come out of the problem successfully.” And she truly believes in making a comeback.

She is skilled in finding the right solution to business-related problems. An excellent orator and communicator, she is good at networking and collaboration. Recently, she has branched out in the online space, where she is ready to help her peer group through her experiences and skills. 

Her journey as a business person started in 2008 when she ventured into education and business process outsourcing. After a few setbacks, she started her consulting firm and became a mind coach and a business strategy consultant.

In her 18 years of professional journey, she has worked with some famous brands, including The Times of India, Revlon, and Reliance Communications. During this time, she has helped companies, start-ups and other businesses to steer their marketing and sales strategy across different markets.

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