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Arpitha Matadh Vishwanath

Nydile Foods

Arpitha has fond memories exploring in the kitchen with her mother every day since childhood. Her mother had inspired her in the food journey that she has embarked on today. Although by education Arpitha is an Environmental Engineer, she was always very passionate about the food industry. Hence, in October 2020 Nydile Foods was founded as a commercial brand at Mysuru, Karnataka to introduce her mother’s and mother-in-law’s traditional spice powder recipes as products into the market. Before which it was a home business for more than 5 years.


About Nydile Foods

Nydile Foods as a premium masala and spice company is committed to providing it’s consumers with products of unmatched purity, quality and taste. All the products are 100% vegetarian, preservatives-free and no added artificial colours/flavours. Each product is made from the highest quality raw materials which are locally sourced, cleaned, naturally sun-dried, processed and packed with utmost care and hygiene.

Overtime, we have grown from 5 products to totally 11 products now. We are majorly present on all e-commerce platforms and slowly capturing the physical store space in the marketplace, too. At Nydile Foods, we only aim to deliver unadulterated, 100% natural and best quality spice blends at every doorstep in India and abroad to give everyone a taste of home.

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