Success Stories

Chiranya Prachaseri

CEO, Southeast Asia of Cryoviva (Thailand) Ltd.

Chiranya Prachaseri, or Anjie as she is known to her tribe of friends, family and colleagues, was exposed to the business world through her family from her early childhood.  She grew up spending time after school in her parents’ office who were both very active professionally, often traveled with them on business trips and enjoyed hiding in the corner to hear the discussions during their business meetings.

Unlike most Asian families at the time, Anjie’s mother was running a large business employing thousands of people in addition to managing a home.  Having grown up seeing women professionally active as a normal way of life, the fruit did not fall far from the tree.

Excited to enter the professional world, Anjie began her career within weeks after graduating with a Master’s degree from the United States of America at the age of 21.  She has held leadership positions in diverse industries from management consulting, manufacturing, trading, fashion, food, agricultural commodities and corporate restructuring. 

Currently, Anjie holds the position of Chief Executive Officer – South East Asia for Cryoviva, creating a lifeline of good health and wellness for people through stem cell technology and regenerative medicine. 

“The key to good future health is pre-emptive care, and I believe that we are at the starting point of that process, storing and expanding stem cells for use in treatment.”

In addition, to her professional commitments, Anjie is an active contributor to social causes and charities.  She is also one of the founders of the Down Syndrome Support Group in Thailand and a member of the Audit and Monitoring Committee of the Thai Police Administration.

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