Success Stories

Kaythari Kyaw

Chief Executive Officer, Kathryn Beauty International Co. Ltd.

Dr. Kathryn is a young female serial entrepreneur, medical doctor, business owner, speaker, and best-selling author. She is the winner of Myanmar Young Entrepreneur Award (2017) and ASEAN Youth Award Winner (2019). Currently she has four businesses including manufacturing, distribution, education, beauty, and food industry. Her parents owned the second largest spring mattress manufacturing factory in Myanmar. It was awarded by the President of Myanmar as an excellent manufacturer.

She succeeds not only in business but also in society development. She is a woman leader who has been selected as Myanmar's Representative to attend ASEAN Meeting and Scholarship Program. She inspires Myanmar's young leaders, contributes as a social influencer (motivational speaker & trainer) and she has over 900,000 followers on Facebook. Not only in Myanmar, but also in ASEAN countries, she has been invited to give speeches on stages as a Woman Leader.

In 2018, She founded "Myanmar Young Leaders Initiative Program" and started empowering young leaders to enhance leadership in Myanmar. To spread the quality in education, she founded an e-learning platform “Kathryn Online University” which has over 20,000 online students (Including scholarship programs).

She really loves to support the economy and society. She actively participates in women empowerment, and she is the image of the Women of Myanmar. She is also helping the women of Myanmar to have a second income at home.

She started a new business called “Kathryn Beauty” which distributed beauty products to support mothers in 2020 and it has 800+ distributors in Myanmar. She was able to help 800 families make a second income. She owns "YLI foundation" which provides donations, volunteering, and training to places such as youth reformation centers, orphanages, and old age homes. She has already published 3 books and became the best-selling female author in Myanmar.

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