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Lilian Ong

Founder, Women of Courage Asia

Courage To Embrace Motherhood – “I am not ready to be a mother”

In a short span of 3 years, I helped my ex-boss market more than 15 residential projects worth over $350 million dollars. I was 26 & at the prime of my career in the real estate industry enjoying my financial freedom and was not ready to be a mother.

I needed Courage to embrace motherhood. I was afraid to step into the unknown and the sudden shift of responsibility and focus. And to my fear, my body went through a huge transformation! I was suffering from morning sickness almost the entire 9 months of the pregnancy.

When my new-born baby was constantly crying from the invasion of rashes from scalp to toe due to chronic Eczema, I finally chose to put my career on hold and embraced the role of a full-time homemaker. This season lasted 7 years as my daughter came along 2.5 years later. In hindsight, motherhood was the beginning of an exhilarating character-moulding journey.


Awakening Courage - “Window of Sanity”

I didn’t know that I would spiralled down into the prison of depression and constantly battled with suicidal thoughts during the initial years of motherhood. My self-worth was tied to my personal achievements and losing my financial independence rocked the boat. I got trapped & stuck in the vicious cycle of fear, self-doubt, loss of self-identity and confidence. I found myself often paralyzed by anxieties and panic attacks. I was living in guilt and self-condemnation that I am a failure and incapable of being a good mother. I was putting up a strong front and pretending that everything was fine and under my control.

I felt like a walking zombie, just going through the motions daily and life began to lose its meaning.

The depression triggered some childhood issues while the internal conflict and chaos in my mind turned into a torment of insomnia. It finally drove me into the pit of mental burnout and an emotional meltdown.

How many of you could resonate with that?

Thankfully the release of a tsunami of overwhelming suppressed emotions turned out to be a breakthrough of awakening courage as I surrendered to God and asked for His help.


Discovering Self – “Stepping into the Unknown”

Walking out of depression without taking any psychotropic drugs was my first testament & story of courage. I asked myself one question. “How do I teach my children courage?” All I could think of is to show them and lead by example. So, I invested in myself, setting aside time to read, pray & exercise. I even went back to complete my university education after taking a gap year due to the challenging pregnancy & postnatal depression. I supported and funded myself through university education.

When an opportunity presented itself, I took the courage & stepped into another unknown territory, this time, the furnishing industry as an entrepreneur. I built the business from ground zero without any prior knowledge, training nor experience in the industry. I didn't even know how to register a company! However, I got the business to breakeven in the 1st year, went from a one-woman operation to growing a small team with an annual revenue close to a million dollars consistently & exited successfully after 9 years! In this season, I learned to tear down limiting beliefs and rebuilt my self-confidence, trusting God in the process of self-discovery and character building.


Courage To Be You - “Break the Fear Barriers”

I grew up believing that I am born “chubby” and will never be able to fit into a size S. So, wearing loose clothing or black and dark colors, hiding behind others when taking a group photo, trying out different diets programs and endless spending on slimming products became a habit. Trapped in the treadmill of a workaholic, an unhealthy eating habit & lifestyle, I ended up suffering from gastric problem and a severe backache from a Disc Bulge between my lumbar 4 & 5. Eventually the pain became so bad I struggled to dress myself & couldn’t sleep. I paid a hefty price to seek treatment from an orthopaedic specialist, MRI scan, months of physiotherapy and reliance on painkillers. It was a wakeup call!

I was by then 44 years old when I decided to put my health & lifestyle back in order. In that process, I lost 10kg & 16cm off my waistline, ran two 21km Half Marathons and overcame my stage fright by volunteering as a fashion model for a social cause. I went on to embrace courage, wrote my first book, “Women of Courage, Breaking The Fear Barrier” & learned to manage my fear of public speaking with a book tour launch in five countries.


Lead With Courage - “Ignite Your Power of Influence”

·         Courage Coach & Breakthrough Catalyst, Social Entrepreneur, Community Builder 

·         Founder of Women of Courage Asia, Class Living & Her Courage BizNetwork

·         ABWCI’s Country President, Singapore

The journey began with the awakening of the courage of a woman stuck in the prison of fear & Self-doubt. It has led me through the process of transformation, discovering my calling and showing up to lead with courage. My vision is to see women living a life of courage, love, authenticity, stewardship, and significance. I am the founder of the women’s communities - Connecting Mothers Support Group, Women of Courage Asia, Her Courage Biz Network and the social enterprise, Class Living. I am also the Country President of ABWCI Singapore.

As a result of working with me through my coaching & mentoring programs, the women I coached are stepping out of their comfort zones, showing up with Courage, Authenticity & Strength; they gain self-confidence & clarity to create the change they want to see in their personal & professional lives such as their Relationship, Health, Career or Business! They’re experiencing an accelerated breakthrough & success, leading & making a positive impact in their sphere of influence through their life & business!

Today, together with my team, we are on a mission to create highly tailored transformational personal & leadership development programs through Class Living, so that every woman is equipped with tools to succeed in their personal lives, as well as their businesses.

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