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Madhushree N. Deshpande

Founder & CEO
Silver Spoon Enterprises

Madhushree N. Deshpande is the Founder and CEO, Silver Spoon Enterprises. She was born in Hospet, Bellary District On 1st October 1987. Her mother Kushalamathi was a School Teacher and her father Ramamurthy was a Government Employee.

Ms. Deshpande has an experience of 10 years working in corporate offices as a Front Desk Officer and System Admin. In 2018, she thought about meeting her passion, then decided to launch Silver Spoon Enterprises. After thorough market research, she found out that Kalyan Region in Karnataka, India had a lot of scope for industrial development in food processing. She wanted to reduce the post-harvest loss of the farmers with the help of technology.

She initially started with self-funding and then participated in Elevate Call 2 of Startup Karnataka and was able to get tagged as Kalaburagi and KK region's first women entrepreneur to win Elevate and grants. And now, Silver Spoon is ready to compete with other brands.

She also holds titles like Secretary at SSMAS (India's first women food cluster) and Council Member in Vision Karnataka Foundation. She participated in more than 20 exhibitions across India. Recently, she was invited to be a panelist at TECHBHARAT 2022 in Bangalore, India.

Silver Spoon Enterprises manufactures all types of fruit and vegetable powders, RTC, RTE, masala and pigeon pea protein isolate, pigeon pea value added products, and herb powders. Some of the popular and fast-moving products are all purpose masala, instant sambar mix and haemoglobin soup.

She is currently working on expanding her business to other states in India like Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. She aims to expand her network to other countries too.

Because of her strong will and attitude which she inherited from her mother, she believes that there is something to learn till your last breath, so stay curious and learn every stage. Never put an end to your efforts, in the end they are always fruitful. She is grateful for the support and motivation provided by her family.


Awards & Recognitions:

·         Handcraft excellence award 2019 (Handcraft Studio, Bangalore)

·         Elevate Call 2 (Startup Karnataka)

·         Best Female Entrepreneur 2021 (PDA Engineering college, Kalaburagi)

·         Top 12 Recognised Startups (BIRAC's Aggnite Scheme)

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