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Minhath Musthafa


Minhath Musthafa, Born in G.Dh. Thinadhoo, Maldives, decided to venture into self-publishing at the age of 30. She was a mother of three boys, and her children inspired her to write a book that would help the younger generation. It all started when she tried to look for a Dhivehi workbook for her children but could not find one that seemed interesting enough to sustain their attention. There were many books available in the market in different languages, but she realized that those written in her local language were limited. She decided to write one herself and contribute to the literature.

She was driven to become an entrepreneur because of her kids, husband, family and close friends who supported her constantly and motivated her to stay determined to achieve her entrepreneurial goals.

Adversity offered her valuable insights. She prepared herself mentally, emotionally, and physically. She made up her mind and decided to never give up, no matter what. She decided to place trust in her decision-making and climbed the ladder one step at a time.

Self-publishing was a learning opportunity for her which gave her space to explore, engage and socialize. Throughout her journey, she learned new things and is prepared to learn stuff every day.

“A successful business is when your customers are satisfied, the reviews and positive comments she has received from the customers, and the demand to publish more books for them is beyond an explanation of joy and satisfaction.” She added.

She remembers where she started, where she is today, and where she wants to go next. She set a target, a goal that happens to be the force of her motivation. The responsibility of being a mother of 3 children, a daughter and a wife never stopped her from pursuing her goals.

As of now, she has published 2 educational books for kids of age group 4 to 6, whilst 3 new books are in the process of publication.

She sincerely hoped for her gift of knowledge to be appreciated by the community and as it did, she felt proud of her literary contribution.

She aims to publish interesting and engaging books for children belonging to various age groups. She wishes to inspire people who have creative potential by sharing her entrepreneurial journey.

She is currently working on two individual projects involving a series of children’s books affiliated with a partner for each.

She believes entrepreneurship is all about finding a solution to our challenges and problems.

“My problem was not being able to find a book that could interest my children. So, I created one.”

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