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Oksana Kosenko-Schevchenko

Chief Executive Officer, Awake 110

Work each day on skills that will improve your ability for 110% proficiency!

Throughout her life Oksana accomplished goals that most people deemed unattainable. She believes that any goal is achievable if one can clearly identify what one wants and is able to create a plan in order to achieve it. Each obstacle makes us stronger as a person regardless of the field or profession we are into.

Oksana believes that helping people is a great mission! She is from Ukraine and is very proud of her country and people – Ukrainians are all about bravery and positivity she believes.

Her journey as an entrepreneur dates back to when she started studying at university. In addition to teaching basic dance classes to people, she taught foreign languages to people enrolled in logistics companies, IT companies and banks.

She did not want to limit her business and abilities to one region. So, she opened a separate office in Hungary. After selling it, she established a marketing and IT development business in the Czech Republic which operated on a worldwide basis.

Last year, she and her sister together with their partners opened a company in London—a luxury business club for investors and entrepreneurs.

In recent years they have worked together in the spheres of blockchain, real estate and medicine. This year, her life changed radically, and she found the best opportunities in everything to expand her interests. Now she is doing business in Switzerland, and she is organizing charity events.

Oksana and her sister are writing a book describing their experiences—how young women under 30 overcame all limits in business and succeeded — and proved that “impossible is possible.”

Nowadays she and her twin sister are writing a book describing the last year of their life how girls under 30 overcome all limits for young women in business, to show everyone that impossible is possible, a right state of mind, encouraging surroundings and honesty makes you succeed and overcome all obstacles that come in your way.

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