Success Stories

Phoebe G. David

CEO & Owner, Brazaville Beach Resort, Bar and Restaurant

Entrepreneurship immersion early on

Entrepreneurship is a friendly word to me. I witnessed early on a small-time business activity through my mother in selling products of the farm. We had poultry products, rice grains, coconuts, vegetables and fruits harvested by people who lived for free in our land.  My mom financed farmers to plant their rice and only received a payback during harvest time.  She was a persistent businesswoman, never run out of ways to help and generate income at the same time.  It was knowledge to behold while growing up. 

When I was doing my university, I had finally understood what my mom was doing exactly from the books. And during school holiday, I got to help her. After 4 years, I graduated in Bachelor of Science in commerce then specialized in computer programs. Did my post graduate study after some managerial positions and finished my Executive masters’ in Business Administration.  I took some training for specialized skills. Among others are public speaking and hospitality. I got a few invitations as graduation speaker each year and consultant speaker in government forum on hospitality and Small Business Enterprise.  Not to mention as a consistent judge in a beauty pageant contest.

In between our expatriated life and employment both in the French International School and American international School in Dhaka, I was active in a lot of voluntary associations and cause. I had and have been members of some organizations, small, big and active. Among others, I was member of the board for UNWA (United Nation Women’s Association) in Dhaka, Bangladesh for 8 years. And I am currently one of the Board of Directors of the Lions’ Club in the island of Negros Occidental. 

I had my first entrepreneurship experience when I spearheaded the First Cyber coffee, the LE CAFNET in Bacolod city, where I was born, in the island of Negros Occidental, Philippines. A modest one but it embraced the scope of being innovative and independent in some aspects. It was well adapted and more entrepreneurships developed with the idea and concept introduced. Then I founded the beach resort in 2000. It was only meant as a vacation house with a theme of “home away from home” but fortunately, we have an unprecedented demand and all through the years, we have added rooms and has provide employment opportunities in the area. We innovative to having beach weddings, catering to all occasions and hosting events from private and government functions. 

In this entrepreneurship, I never forget my Philantropic journey. Among others, I founded the “Sac a Dos” children’s foundation, giving away school supplies and back packs for primary students especially in remote areas. I had initiated a fund-raising event in Cairo, Egypt on my birthday and given away the proceeds to acquire the wheelchairs and crutches for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs, Hinobaan Sector).

Currently, I’m boasting the resort’s activities to cater to our frequent guests, introducing our loyalty programs to each and every visitor that comes to the resort. It is a never-ending passion of giving our best to meet the expectations of the incoming patrons of Brazaville beach.

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