Success Stories

Raheema Adam

Founder Member, Association of Lady Entrepreneurs

Raheema Adam, Country President, Maldives, ABWCI truly believes that the challenges and hardships are common factors in the life of entrepreneurs, be it a woman or a man. Raheema is a champion of small and medium businesses owned by women entrepreneurs. She is skilled in developing a successful strategy to run a small business sustainably. She is an author and a mentor for emerging business leaders. She is also a women rights activist who continues to fight for women empowerment.

As a mentor, woman business leader, she trains women and conducts workshops for them in the islands to help them overcome their challenges. Through her training, she wishes to empower them to become financially independent and change their lives through entrepreneurship.

She believes women are capable of doing any work that they decide on. In her own words, “Women need willpower and determination to look forward and work. And they have the right to be and are no different to a man in becoming financially independent and living the life they want to.”

The idea of transforming the lives of women in her country stemmed from the fact that her personal life was full of challenges. She was a single mother from an early age and took care of her family and children. Moreover, being in a patriarchal society, it was indeed difficult for her initially. But she pursued her dreams despite challenges and went to become the owner of a hotel in the capital city Male. But as a hotel operator, she learnt that it needs strategy and courage to run a business. And she accomplished the task.  

At present she represents some of the Governmental and private committees and is a Director of Business Enterprise and Employment Support for women in South Asia.

Through her efforts, she not only achieved success but also fulfilled her responsibilities as a mother. 

Her most triumphant moment came when her hard work and dedication to women rights and progress got noticed. The government appreciated her efforts and awarded her the most prestigious civilian recognition in the Maldives, the National Award in 2016.

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