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Ratika Bhargava


True believers in ‘destiny has carved out a purposeful path for each one,’ the beginning of our exciting journey exploring our relationship with food started back in 2015. We, Ratika & Richa (Ratzz & Ritzzy), two sisters, ventured out in the unconventional arena of exclusive food packaging with the aim to satiate the food-loving entrepreneur spirit in us. But, little did we know the capacity and magic of our spatulas back then.

Going with the flow, seizing each day, and treading new paths, we soon added many feathers to our hats. Starting out with curating exclusive food hampers for gifting, we soon began with home-cooked restaurant-style exquisite cuisine deliveries for get-togethers and conducting learning workshops for individuals and institutes.

Our successful journey led to our “discovery” by the new-age food entrepreneurs in the city where we reside and operate, i.e., Jaipur, India. They wanted us to guide them through and become advisories on various food-related departments like menu set-up, staff hiring & training, setting up the kitchen, styling the cafés/restaurants, etc.

Our passion has been perpetually fuelled by the love and appreciation we have received from our customers and clients from all verticals of our work, contributing towards the journey of becoming the culinary experience makers.

In the short period of our time in the field, we have had the opportunity to work with many renowned and illustrious names in the food industry, giving us first-hand experience of the professional processes and building our expertise in the domain.

In fact, if it’s something challenging that we haven’t tried before, take a shot and we’ll surprise you!



Self-Taught Cooks: We both have had that innate love for food and were always curious to understand what goes behind making the food that we eat. Starting out small, we slowly learned and mastered multiple cuisines, like Indian, Mexican, Thai, Moroccan, Spanish, Chinese, Lebanese, Egyptian, Burmese, and Sushi by taking up varied masterclasses, dedicated workshops and courses held by renowned chefs, and of course, through our frequent food-focused travel experiences. As we write this, chances are we might be learning a new recipe from an altogether new cuisine and adding to our list of mastered recipes!

Authors: Earning the ‘National Food’ tag of India (not officially declared but was represented as the national food only for an event by the Govt.), Khichdi is hands-down the most versatile dish and has got many adaptations across India. Our quest to explore the rich cultural, regional, and emotional affinities for Khichdi led us to author a cookbook named ‘India ki Khichdi,’ that documents the stories and significance of various versions of Khichdis one can find across India.

Food Caterers and Partners: We are pretty popular for our customized menus and have been delivering exotic food orders and hampers, even the bulk ones, for family gatherings, corporate meetings, and high-end lifestyle exhibitions.

Being a two-women team (read: superwomen), we have managed to cater to bulk orders without any compromise on the quality and our biggest catering order so far was close to 500 covers, which certainly has prepared us to take bigger orders in the future.

Trainers & Facilitators for Culinary Arts: We truly believe in sharing our craft and knowledge with people. We have conducted numerous workshops on various cuisines and culinary arts, helping over 300 students learn and master the skills.

Apart from our hands-on workshops, we are actively offering professional assistance and training to many educational institutions and to the staff of restaurants, hotels, and cafés for their specific needs like menu preparation, recipe creation, enhancing operational efficiency, etc.

We have trained chefs for Italian, Mexican & Continental cuisine for their then-upcoming restaurant.

Food Endorsers & Social Media Influencers: Our commitment to the utmost quality and authenticity in everything we do has also given us the opportunity to become an invaluable & reliable source of information pertaining to food for our loyal audience. We endorse the food products that we believe in and have endorsed established brands like Gustora, Ashoka oils, Kitchenif, Mahou Maestro Beer, etc., over the years.

Our expertise in building and optimizing an organic social media feed also got us many admirers, leading us to another opportunity of handling social media accounts for fashion houses, cafes, and hotels.



We, the CauldronSisterss, have been blessed to have garnered recognition from customers, followers, communities, and organizations alike, and each compliment, each acknowledgement has been an achievement for us in true sense.

Of course, there have been some milestones that made us grin a bit hard and dance a little more. Like the times when we make it to the headlines of esteemed newspapers like TOI, Rajasthan Patrika, Arbit, Dainik Bhaskar, DNA, First India, and so many more.

We won the Best Food Consultants Award in 2018 and were also felicitated by IIHM London with the award for Best Entrepreneurs in Hospitality 2019. Recently, we were acknowledged with the famous Global Excellence Award on 15 March 2020 by I Care Foundation.

We also had a chance to appear on a few episodes of a cookery show for Zee TV Rajasthan. Going international with our TV appearance, we shot two episodes for London-based Blue Marlin TV, where we gave viewers a glimpse into the various Indian home-cooking rituals & exclusive Rajasthani cuisine.



1. Inaugural menu setup at Sky Beach Restaurant, Jaipur.

2. New Recipe addition at DMB, Jaipur, & regular staff training.

3. New Menu at The Wall Street Hotel, Jaipur, & handling of their social media for about a year.

4. Curation of a special Ice cream mix for Halt Ice Cream Café, Jaipur.

5. Complete set-up for Café Brewtown at Xavier’s College, Jaipur.

6. Full menu training at Buddy’s Place, Jaipur.

7. From conceptualization to planning, full setup for Café LoCale’, Jaipur.

8. End-to-end setup guidance for Magical Beans café at Remama Play area, Jaipur.

9. Complete assistance & setup for the café part of Vin Bakers, Jaipur.

10. Full setup for Quyu’s Taproom, Jaipur.

11. Food menu curation & styling for Brewtown Coffee Shop at M I Road, Jaipur.

12. Conceptualization & setup for OMG by Greendesk, Jaipur.

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