Success Stories

Ratka Asanovic

CEO, Total Quality Logistics and Consulting DOO

Ratka believes that anything is possible, we just have to find the right way.

She began her career in a humble shipping office in her hometown of Podgorica.

After graduating from high school and the Faculty of Philosophy, and starting a family in her early 20s, she literally got into the business of representation before customs authorities by accident, not realizing that she would have a great career and become an icon known not only in her country, but also in neighboring countries.

She was the first person with an IATA cargo license in her small country and she founded her airline at the time when her country was going through a difficult period, after the bombing of NATO and the division of Yugoslavia into small republics.

She brought FedEX to her country, represented all airlines flying to her country, represented major Turkish airlines for decades, was a member of Montenegrin Chamber of Commerce, American Chamber of Commerce, and various other organizations, which brought her to the top of this profession! 

"A person needs willpower and determination to move forward, and success is guaranteed - women in business need three times more to succeed!"

Entrepreneurship is the crown for all those who previously worked in different systems and then felt the need, desire and potential to become the owner of their business.

Despite the fact that she has faced the pessimistic attitude of society many times on the path of career development, she has always considered herself as a good leader who has managed organizations successfully and efficiently. 

"Never give up, believe in yourself"!

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