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Sheeza Imad

Director & Owner
Cyza Beauty and Fashions Pvt Ltd

Born 06 February, 1958, Sheeza Imad has had a long career in the hair and beauty profession now for almost 30 years. With an initial training of 6 months, she has expanded her skill base with more international training received from several countries including Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Germany, UK, Singapore, and Australia. She is an expert in the hair and beauty sector and of the attendant beauty establishment management. Before serious entry to this profession, Sheeza also spent about 5 years as a nurse at the Government Hospital in Male, Maldives. 

She had demonstrated a mature managerial quality and has transferred this approach to her staff at her hair and beauty salon in Male where she has extremely low staff turnover and she makes it a challenge to recruit and train Maldivians for her Salon and utilizing innovative resource sharing options. 

In a 6-year sojourn in New Delhi, India from 2006-2012, she established Cyza Beauty and Fashions Pvt Ltd and under it Cyza Salon – New Delhi, where she trained all her staff, most of them from the very basics, and who are now successful hair and beauty experts well settled in this profession in New Delhi. And upon her return to Maldives, she also opened a Cyza outlet in VilliMale, the adjacent satellite island of Male. In her effort to encourage employment to local staff, her Cyza Salon still maintains close to 80 percent Maldivian staff, unlike any other in Maldives. Following up on this effort, she attempts also to further professional capacity building to the islands by rolling out her new program in 2018 of having a mobile training program that travels to the islands on demand from local enthusiasts.   

She has been a lead in women’s empowerment activities in Maldives for quite bit of the past – a member of the Women’s Wing of the Chamber of Commerce; Chairman of a Women’s Youth NGO “Jinsullatheefunge-rooh” several years ago, and a counsel to many women with social and family problems. Presently she is the Director and owner of “Cyza Salon” in Male, Maldives.

She is presently the President of the Maldives Women’s Chamber of Commerce (MWCC) that she helped establish in 2016 as a pioneering effort for business women in Maldives. The MWCC hopes to bring in a new era of economic empowerment for the businesswomen of Maldives.

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