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Supriya Pujari

Supriya's Life Coaching Centre

Supriya Pujari is a renowned Life Coach based out of Pune. She is the founder of Supriya's Life Coaching Centre. She is an accredited life coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF), USA, and is a master practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).

Born and raised in a serene, small town, Supriya's journey from adversity to triumph is a testament to resilience, determination, and unwavering courage. Confronting the depths of clinical depression, she emerged as a beacon of hope, transcending her personal struggles to become an international changemaker. Through her transformative life coaching and wellness programs, Supriya not only discovered her purpose but also garnered global recognition for her relentless dedication to mental health advocacy. Her vision, "I am committed to a world that experiences life with clarity," drives her forward as she empowers individuals worldwide, offering guidance in navigating the intricate landscape of mental health challenges.

Supriya Pujari has received numerous prestigious awards such as Women of Impact 2024, Sigma Women zero to hero 2024, ICF India Trailblazer Award 2023, Pride of Maharashtra, and Incredible Women of India. She is appointed as a Leadership Coach for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation USA for women leaders in Maharashtra and she is also appointed as the ICF Coaching education - Asia Pacific Ambassador by ICF USA.

She conducts life coaching sessions to help individuals progress in their careers, solve problems, and overcome emotional barriers. These sessions cover various topics such as career, relationships, stress management, decision-making, leadership development, goal setting, and more. She has worked with diverse clients including CEOs, managers, working professionals, teachers, students, entrepreneurs, media professionals, and homemakers.

Sessions are conducted using deep conversations, games and art to work on mental health, self-confidence, career management, dealing with fears, the art of loving oneself as well as emotional intelligence. Sessions can be availed in Hindi, Marathi and English languages.

She conducts customised workshops on leadership development, team building, stress management, communication skills, employee counselling. In her initiative coaching for social impact, she has conducted workshops catering to various groups including HIV patients, specially abled, social workers, nurses, and sex workers, Maternal and Child Healthcare awareness groups, focusing on women empowerment, confidence building, and self-leadership.

Her books "Manmokal - Easy Tips for Stress-Free Living" and "Being Me - A Practical Guide for Self Transformation" are widely read and available in audio format on Storytel. She has impacted over 7000 lives, with clients ranging from ages 9 to 75 across the globe.

Her internationally approved coach training program has crossed more than 100 trained coaches across 14 countries. If you or your organization need coaching sessions in various forms, feel free to reach out.

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