What is ABWCI?

Welcome to the Association of Business Women in Commerce & Industry (ABWCI), a virtual global chamber for women entrepreneurs - enabling and celebrating women's business acumen & ambition through connecting our members to industry leaders, professional development resources, and relevant opportunities.

We are a community that ranges from prominent women entrepreneurs to educational institutions, and companies investing in women. We aim to empower and support women in business by providing a global networking platform. At ABWCI, we understand, and value the vital role women entrepreneurs play in driving economic growth and employment generation. We strive to create a world for women entrepreneurs where they have fewer challenges to funding access, regulatory barriers, entrepreneurial education and more.

At ABWCI we are re-defining networking and invite you to join this community of committed, passionate, successful and influential women in business!

We are here to help your business grow and prosper.

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ABWCI helps women in business by:

  • Providing a liberal platform to express their views
  • Offering a plethora of opportunities to showcase their talent
  • Providing global exposure with conferences & useful resources

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ABWCI aims to nurture and provide an enabling environment for women in business to build a sustainable and better future.


Establish a collaborative ecosystem to engage, network, identify and leverage market opportunities globally.



Recognize and identify potential women in business capable of supplying goods and services with the highest quality standards via a selective registration process to match buyers and sellers.

We identify opportunities to leverage local and global markets by bucketing of businesses based on region, product/service, target demographic, current status and building a high-yielding global network.



Guide women in business with open enrolment training programs like guru talks with subject matter experts, master classes, assessment and certification.

We target skill and competence enhancement with the help of customized enterprise training and transformation initiatives. We inform members of potential market opportunities as well.



The networking and partnerships help business development and growth. With our mentoring, strategic communications and a wide spectrum of conferences, seminars, big vision workshops, experience sharing and storytelling sessions, the women entrepreneurs can build a high-yielding nexus for their businesses.

We create virtual market spaces for buyer-seller interactions leading to cost-effectiveness and bridging the demand-supply gap on a single platform. Furthermore, we provide policy advocacy and exchange programs between countries.



Guide women in business with the help of webinars, policy dialogues, and leader/stakeholder round tables mentoring support.

We provide current state and need assessment to bridge the gaps by helping women entrepreneurs run a more efficient business and help publish surveys, reports and whitepapers thereon.

We assist women entrepreneurs in growing their businesses with our customized solutions.


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Member Spotlight

Ratika Bhargava


True believers in ‘destiny has carved out a purposeful path for each one,’ the beginning of our exciting journey exploring our relationship with food started back in 2015. We, Ratika & Richa (Ratzz & ...

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Member Spotlight

Ekta Sharma

Founder & CEO
UFZ Unifabz Pvt. Ltd.

Being a part of a defense family, Ekta, did her schooling from KVs across India and further pursued her Graduation from J&K University followed by MBA from Prestigious Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies (SIMS, ...


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Member Spotlight

Minhath Musthafa


Minhath Musthafa, Born in G.Dh. Thinadhoo, Maldives, decided to venture into self-publishing at the age of 30. She was a mother of three boys, and her children inspired her to write a book that would help the younger gen ...

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